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Frequently asked questions

What services does ELITE Health & Fitness offer?
ELITE provides personal training, flexibility training, rehabilitative training, and massage therapy. Specialized treatments include hyperbaric chamber sessions and the Super Human Protocol.
What is the Super Human Protocol?
It involves three steps: PEMF therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT), and photobiomodulation, aiming to restore natural elements like magnetism, oxygen, and light to enhance health.
Who can benefit from ELITE's services?
Services are beneficial for any and all individuals aiming to improve fitness, recover from injuries, or enhance overall wellness.
How do I book a session?
Sessions can be booked directly on the website, whether for individual sessions or monthly packages with the purchase of the ELITE Membership
What is PEMF therapy?
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy simulates Earth's magnetic field to enhance cellular functions and nutrient delivery.
What is EWOT?
Exercise with Oxygen Therapy involves exercising while breathing high-concentration oxygen to revitalize tissues and micro-vessels.
What is photobiomodulation?
It uses red and near-infrared light to reduce free radicals and optimize cellular energy production.
How can I become an ELITE member?
Membership can be purchased through the website, offering access to exclusive packages and treatments.
What are the benefits of using a hyperbaric chamber?
It promotes faster healing, reduced inflammation, and enhanced oxygenation at the cellular level.
Can I try a session if I'm just visiting Henderson?
Yes, one-time sessions are available for visitors.
Where is ELITE Health & Fitness located?
The facility is based in Calico Ridge by Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada. 1473 East Lake Mead Pkwy Suite 100 Henderson NV 89015
How do I contact ELITE Health & Fitness?
Contact details and a contact form are available on the website's Contact page.